Can Auto Glass Be Replaced on Rainy Days?

Can Auto Glass Be Replaced on Rainy Days?

Understanding whether the auto glass on your car can be replaced on a rainy day is an important question to ask concerning windshield replacement. While it is true that moisture will not affect the adhesive used to hold the windshield firmly into place once it is installed, changing a windshield in the rain can cause a number of other problems.

Once the existing windshield is removed, the interior of the vehicle is fully exposed to the outside elements. Overall, it takes at least 90 minutes for the entire process of removing the old windshield and adhesive, along with applying the new adhesive bonding agent and installing the new windshield. There is no quicker way to perform the process without diminishing good practice standards.

Rescheduling the Appointment

If you find that you have an appointment for your windshield that might happen during rainy weather, it is highly recommended to call and have the appointment rescheduled. However, if there is a covered area including a garage that can be used, then maybe rescheduling is not necessary. However, it is best to talk to a technician or the company to make a determination.

Allowing the Adhesive to Dry

If the determination is made to replace the windshield in a rainy environment, under some type of cover, it will have no effect on the results. As long as the adhesive has enough time to cure – at least an hour or more – without moving the vehicle, the seal will remain firmly in place, and fully secure. Moving the vehicle while the adhesive is still wet can shift the windshield in place, which is why it is advisable not to move the car or truck for at least 60 minutes.

Once the entire repair job has been completed, it is important to avoid washing the car by hand or at a car wash for at least 48 hours. The water pressure and chemicals may have a dramatic negative effect on the installation process, and compromise the materials used to hold the windshield firmly into place.

No matter if your vehicle is in the shop, at your workplace, or home at the time of the appointment, it is not necessary to stay with the car or truck during the replacement. Once the technician arrives on a mobile call, you are free to do other activities until the process has been completed, which could take up to two hours.

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