How to Know When a Windshield Can Be Repaired Instead of Being Replaced

Many times, a windshield can simply be repaired instead of being completely replaced. However, there are specific criteria involved that must be met. Typically, insurance companies do not require a deductible for a windshield repair by a properly certified authorized glass repair shop, so long as the vehicle owner has comprehensive coverage that includes the ability to make a claim on glass.
There are specific indicators that can be used to determine whether the windshield can be repaired, or needs to be replaced. Any of the following serve as a good candidate for repair instead of replacement. They include:

Small Damage – If the damage to the windshield is no longer than 6 inches in length, there is a good possibility that the crack or break can be repaired.

A Straight Line Crack – As long as the straight-line crack is 6 inches or less, it likely can be repaired. However, it can easily grow longer with changes in temperature or the mobility of the vehicle.

A Small Star Crack – A crack that appears as a star should be 3” in circumference or smaller.

A Bulls-Eye Crack – This type of crack is often created by a direct impact of a pebble and is easy to repair.

To repair a crack instead of replacing the windshield takes less than 30 minutes. A simple repair avoids the need to throw one more windshield into the city landfill. The quicker the small problem is corrected, the better. It is very easy for a small crack or damage to turn into a major problem quickly, especially when there is a significant change in the weather including hot days, or the winter cold.

Many companies provide a mobile service, where a certified technician can perform the work at the vehicle owner’s home or workplace. They have the expertise and all the correct tools necessary to perform the job at nearly any remote location. Sometimes, however, it might be recommended to have the work performed in a controlled environment, especially during times of extreme weather conditions.

Insurance companies often remind their policyholders to avoid solicitors on street corners, gas stations, or others going door-to-door offering to repair the windshield for next to nothing, or even free. Many times, these individuals will not provide the vehicle owner a warranty or even guarantee the work they perform. It is best to always stay with a company that has the formal training and authorization to perform the work correctly.

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