How Vehicle Insurance Can Help Pay for a Windshield Replacement

Not surprisingly, broken, cracked and chipped windshields are without a doubt the most common vehicle repair. This is especially true in rural areas with gravel roads and cold climate regions where salt is laid down to melt the snow covering the roads. Many vehicles are prone to a chipped or cracked windshield. Because of that, it is important to pay for the option to cover a full glass replacement from your vehicle insurance carrier.

Car Insurance Windshield Coverage

Typically, a vehicle insurance company will honor a claim for a windshield replacement if the owner carries comprehensive insurance. Generally speaking, comprehensive insurance covers any damage to the vehicle, involving a non-collision incident. This could be from an act of vandalism or theft, and even fire and non-colliding accidents. A tree branch landing on top of the car, or a deer hitting the hood, and even a large stone cracking the windshield could all be considered a non-colliding accident.

Before purchasing any type of comprehensive insurance coverage, it is important to understand if the policy includes windshield replacement and repair. Even if the policy states a replacement of glass, it is important to understand if that means the coverage is all-inclusive. The policy might just cover the back or side windows, but not the front windshield.

Is Filing a Claim Wise?

It is usually a good idea to file a claim, even if the deductible is higher than the amount owed to replace the windshield. However, if the policy’s deductible is lower than the amount to replace the windshield, it is important to understand if the insurance company will or will not raise the premium rate to pay for the claim. The vehicle owner also needs to understand if the amount paid will be listed on the claim record on his or her insurance policy. Typically, the higher number of claims filed against the policy determines if the renewal rates will be higher in the future.

Filing a claim to repair or replace the vehicle’s windshield is no different from any other type of claim for an accident or other incident involving the vehicle. The insurance company must be contacted either through the agent or directly through the company. The owner will need to provide their name, policy number, along with the model, and make of the vehicle. They will also need to state the exact date the windshield damage occurred.

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