New Technology in Auto Glass

Individuals that find they are in the need for a full windshield replacement often wonder what the new technology is in the auto glass industry. For more than 70 years, laminated glass has been an ideal solution for windshields, and tempered glass for back windows and side windows.

Glass Scratch Removal

Removing glass scratches from automotive windshields, side windows and back windows has been fully revolutionized using the latest technology. Even the most severe scratches caused by mineral deposits can be completely removed using advanced technology. Using the right tools and products, technicians have been able to remove even deep scratches between 0.004 – 0.015.

Auto Glass Repairing Options

Many times, drivers are often surprised by their damaged windshield caused by a flying rock or pebble. Before advanced technologies, a crack of any size and even a small chip required a full windshield replacement. Now, a quick repair can be made in 30 minutes or less. Any crack 6 inches or less, and any bullet size shape windshield imperfection can be repaired using high quality resins and a UV light heating lamp.

A Valuable Solution

Many individuals that have never had their windshield repaired instead of fully replaced consider a chip repair to be an inferior solution. However, with the right products and a qualified technician, a repair instead of a replacement can be the best option. However, it is important that the process takes place as quickly as possible. Based on a variety of factors including quick changes in the outside temperature or even a heavy bounce of the vehicle, can turn a small crack or chip into a large one, which might eliminate the possibility of simply getting a repair instead of a full replacement.

Additionally, without the need to remove the existing windshield, the original installed windshield stays firmly in place. This ensures the vehicle’s windshield maintains its snug fit, that is sometimes hard to replicate in the aftermarket. Any windshield, and side or back window repair will enhance the structural integrity of the glass. It will also help reduce any annoying optical distraction which might lead to impaired visibility if the crack or chip is on the windshield.

Mobile Advancements

With the recent advancements in auto glass technology, it is now easy for technicians to handle full window replacements and repairs in the field. Technicians can come to an individual’s workplace or home and remove the existing windshield and install a new one, or simply repair the damaged glass on the vehicle.

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