The Convenient Options of Mobile Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

With today’s hectic lifestyles, more than three out of every four individuals that need to have their windshield replaced are using mobile technicians. Having a mobile technician arrive at the workplace, or residence, to replace or repair the windshield is far more convenient than dropping the car or truck off at the glass company.

With advancements in technology, it is now easy and possible to perform a complete windshield glass replacement at nearly any mobile location. Now, car and truck owners no longer need to make an appointment to drop the vehicle off just to have glass repaired or replaced.

It is not necessary to remain with the vehicle while the technician is replacing or repairing the glass or windshield. Reputable companies offer fully certified technicians and use the best products. Even the insurance claim forms can be handled over the phone before the technician arrives. All that is required once the process is completed is to allow the vehicle to remain in place for at least one hour to allow the full curing process to completely dry.

Work and Material Warranties

Many companies offer a full warranty on all the materials and work performance provided. There is typically no additional charge required for the technician to come to the vehicle owner instead of the vehicle coming to the company. 

Emergency Repair

Sometimes the damage to the car or truck’s windshield is so extensive, that the vehicle is simply too unsafe to drive. Attempting to drive the vehicle to the auto glass repair company might be impossible because of impaired visibility. An alternative to putting the driver or any passenger at risk is to call a mobile technician to have the vehicle repaired in place. This eliminates the need to hire a tow truck to transport the vehicle to the auto glass company.

During an emergency call, the technician will be dispatched to the location where they can completely replace the windshield in less than two hours. The quickness of the response for a full replacement is often highly dependent on the model and make of the vehicle and the accessibility of the supplies needed to fully perform the job.

Mobile auto glass replacements and repairs offer a safe and convenient alternative to turning in the vehicle to the shop to replace the windshield. This helps avoid compromising a busy work schedule, or inconveniencing the driver. Many companies offer 24-hour service, and even same-day solutions.