Autoglass Repair

When it comes to your car, the chances are that you’ll want to make sure that it’s as functional as it is comfortable. At, we enjoy nothing more than helping our customers to maximize the integrity and durability of their windshield, door windows, and rear window. In fact, that’s all that we do – and it’s what we do best.

Over the years countless vehicle owners have come to us for help with repairing and replacing their auto glass, and with access to an entire database of specialists located around the United States; we are here to help.

What Can We Do?

When it comes to auto glass repair (as well as auto glass replacement), we are at the forefront of the industry, with low cost quotes and an army of experts waiting to help you. Each expert is mobile and can look after your needs at the road side or from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to our low costs, you could find yourself saving a small fortune by choosing to book through us.

What we actually do is provide our customers with a way to receive a free, no obligation quote relating to their requirements.

By entering data including the age of your vehicle, its make, and where the damage has occurred; our algorithm will be able to evaluate your data and give you a better idea of your costs.

What Happens Next?

At this point you’ll be presented with an opportunity. You could use your free, no obligation quote to compare our estimate with others on the market – and in most cases, people always come back to us when they realize just how affordable our auto glass repair and replacement services are. Or you could choose to take action and enjoy our affordable rate and book your very own expert.

If you decide on the latter, we have steps in place to guide you through the process – and you’ll learn all that you need to about any extra taxes at this point. We work with partners from around the country, so making sure that we connect you with a local expert is our top priority. Most of our partners will be able to get to you in the space of just a couple of hours as well, making the entire service as quick as it is effective.

How Long Will It Take to Repair Your Window?

This will depend on the type of window that has taken damage, but generally speaking – the longest that you should expect to wait is around an hour or two. The clean-up process will be taken care of by your expert in most cases, and we’d never advise you to try and touch any damaged glass if it can be avoided.

If your windshield has been damaged, your provider will typically evaluate the structural integrity of the glass to determine how to treat it. If it’s damaged beyond repair, the panel will be removed in the most effective manner; typically via the use of suction cups. These cups will hold the glass in place to allow it to be removed quickly and safely.

In the case of chips and cracks however, the window might not need to be removed – especially as resin and adhesive can be used to seal and reinforce. This is done with liquid resin in most cases and once hardened, the finished result can act to reinforce the window. In many instances, it can work to strengthen it beyond its original durability. So, not only can our services be swift, but also highly effective, too.

The Benefits of Repairing with Resin

One of the most appealing things about resin is that it is transparent, which will allow your specialist to finish the job without detracting from the appearance of your window (or vehicle in general). As the formulation dries harder than the glass itself, whilst still remaining durable enough to cope with any minor flexing as temperatures change – its presence could act to reinforce the window itself.

Resin in its liquid form can also be injected into gaps and certain degrees of splitting – allowing your auto glass repair expert to seal gaps that might be present. Once dried, the formula will have expanded slightly, allowing it to seal any edges in a way that allows a smooth esthetic to be achieved.

Is a Repair Expensive?

There are several things that can play a role in the cost of your window repair service. These typically include the vehicle in need of attention, as well as the type of glass required. Modern glass is tempered, so it can be a little more expensive to replace; which is why a repair is always the preferred option (when available).

If you’re in two minds about whether to invest in a repair or replacement, it may well be worth talking to one of our team for further information, or booking your specialist to obtain their opinion on the day.

Generally speaking, a repair can start from just $99 when choosing to book with us. There are other fees such as taxes, but we’ll always provide information on these amounts when you proceed with your quote.

Our form is there to help you to get to grips with what you could expect to pay – and if you choose to go ahead, we’ll then provide the additional information and take care of connecting you with an expert near you who could be of assistance.

The form filling can be completed in less than 30 seconds, and you’ll receive your estimate almost as soon as you hit the submit button. At that point, you could choose to take your quote further and enjoy our low costs, or keep hold of it for a short while as you consider what you’d like to do.

In our experience, it’s never a good idea to allow your damaged window to remain untreated for long. According to expert research, a chip or crack can (and often will) inevitably lead to further damage – and what could have been an affordable repair could end up requiring a far more substantial investment in the form of a replacement.

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If you’re keen to get the ball rolling, why not get in touch with our friendly team today? Alternatively, you could simply fill in our form for an estimate and see if it falls within your budget.

If it does, don’t hesitate to take the next step; we’re trusted by countless vehicle owners and used thousands of times each year. Don’t allow your windows to suffer any longer than they have already; especially when windshield repair could be as easy and stress-free as you’d hope, and the services offered reliable and affordable.