Windshield Replacement

There are some types of auto glass damage that even the newest windshields might struggle to cope with. Impacts from stray rocks, vehicle collisions, and other severe events might cause instant damage to your autoglass; and that’s when a windshield replacement might not be avoidable.

At, we understand just how vital a component auto glass is to a vehicle, and that’s why we consider it our goal to help our customers to have their replacements taken care of as quickly and effectively as possible.

With our easy to fill in form, a friendly team, and an entire database of replacement experts waiting to look after you – there’s a reason why we’re considered one of the leading quotation services in the country.

It’s not just the stress of having to deal with an auto glass replacement that can put a dampener on your day; there’s the cost to consider as well – and saving even a small amount of cash can make all the difference.

How Can We Help?

Our team worked tirelessly to develop an advanced online tool that not only receives your information, but understands the input and then searches our database to match your needs with the most relevant service provider. Once you fill in our form, we’ll be able to provide an estimate based on your criteria.

Our quotes are free and don’t come with an obligation, but we’re sure that once you see how low and affordable repair services can be – you’ll want to snap them up as quickly as possible and have your own expert come out and take care of your needs.

What Happens Next?

If you decide that you’d like to go ahead, we’ll be able to guide you through the process and tell you more about any fees or charges that you can expect relating to the task of replacing your vehicle’s auto glass.

We hand pick each and every specialist that we include in our database, and once we have your specifications (such as your vehicle model, its age, and the type of auto glass that needs replacing), we’ll be able to connect you with an expert that matches your needs.

Most will strive to get to you well within 24 hours – and once they arrive, they’ll set about taking care of your requirements.

Will a Repair Be An Option?

In some cases, and when the damage is fairly minimal, you might find that your expert will suggest repairing the windshield instead of replacing it entirely. This is why it’s so important to provide as much information as you can; to ensure that your quote is as accurate as possible.

If you’re genuinely unsure, we’ll pull out all of the stops to offer advice and guidance – so much so that we’ll go above and beyond to help you in every way imaginable.

If it turns out that your vehicle is in need of a replacement windshield however, we can all but guarantee that yours is handled in an effective, professional manner that will satisfy you entirely.
And for your added reassurance, each of our bookings come with their own warranty to help you to relax in the knowledge that should the worst happen as a result of your replacement autoglass; you’ll be treated to a brand-new fitting.

While a repair may be more convenient, it’s not always an option – so make sure you find out which one your vehicle is in need of.

Can You Use Your Insurance Policy to Help with the Cost?

If your coverage includes this type of event, there’s really no reason why you couldn’t take advantage of it. We don’t offer our own policies, but we are happy to work with insurers or point you in the right direction should you need advice.

Fortunately, windshield replacement is a fairly common feature covered by insurance providers, and you might find that your policy incorporates this option.

How Long Can a Windshield Replacement Take?

Although the type of vehicle might affect the duration of the task at hand; this is a fairly insignificant feature as the process to remove and refit a new piece of glass is similar from model to model. There are other factors that can play a role however, such as if the frame of the car has been damaged, if individual pieces are difficult to remove, or the availability of the right-sized windshield.

Fortunately, the experts that we work with are well-equipped to deal with most of the above extensively. Thanks to their mobile services, you could have your autoglass replaced at the roadside and without delay.

If you are interested to learn about how the process works, we’ll be covering it in more detail below to ensure that you understand as much as possible.

  1. Your expert will remove the rubber trim that is holding your damaged windshield in place. During this process it can be important to keep well away from the vehicle as your service provider does so, simply to avoid any risk of injury.
  2. The glass will then be removed using suction devices in most cases, allowing the entire panel to be taken out. In some instances, and when the windshield has shattered, a vacuum may be used to lift away any other broken pieces that might be present.
  3. The pinch weld will then be cleaned thoroughly (this is the gap that runs all the way around your windshield’s frame). Once it’s been properly prepared, the penultimate step can be undertaken.
  4. Urethane is then applied to the very edges of the pinch weld which, once dried, will act as a rubbery glue to hold the replacement windshield in place from that point onward.
  5. The new windshield can then be fitted and positioned, so that it neatly aligns as intended. The glass will then be held in place for a few moments before it is released and allowed to settle into the surrounding frame.

At this point, you’ll almost be ready to drive away – in fact, after just a short break to allow the urethane to set, you’ll be able to take to the road and enjoy your brand-new windshield without delay.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike so many of our competitors that simply strive to connect you with a quote and take your hard-earned cash; we much prefer to save you money without reducing the quality of our services.

As we hand-pick each specialist that we partner with, you can rest assured that quality results will be at the forefront of our priority list – with an affordable price being held in just as high of a regard.

By filling in our simple form, you’ll be taking the first step to minimizing your stress, saving yourself time, and reducing your costs. We’ll do our best to connect you with the ideal provider for your requirements – at an incredibly low price that you can take advantage of in just minutes.

If you’re ready to go ahead, why not get in touch with our team today? Or if you’d prefer, simply fill in our form, and we’ll provide you with a quote that you can consider ready for your replacement project.